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Pam Stern

Job Title:      Principal Agent



Phone:           814.643.4410  -  Ext. 501


What is your morning routine like?

Weigh in, workout, coffee, shower, then watch the Today Show while putting on my makeup


How do you take your caffeine?

Stevia and Sugar Free French Vanilla creamer, not super strong

What do you like the most about being in the insurance industry?

Everyday there is a new challenge on how can we help a client insure their risk.  Always learning something new!


For stress relief you:

Taking a walk, riding my bike or scooter, a nice glass of wine or a Hazy IPA on the deck.

Not everyone knows I:

I delivered both of my children at home, on purpose.



Your passions in life:

Spending time with our kids and grandkids!  Outdoorsy things with friends, working on my counted cross stitch whenever I have time.



If you could do anything at all, what would it be?

A travel writer.

I am addicted to:

Laughing or trying to make other laugh.

Something you would like to learn:

Golf, how to play the guitar, and how to be a good bartender, and how to relax.

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