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Cissy Butzer

Job Title:      Retention Specialist



Phone:           814.643.4410 


What is my morning routine.

I really don't have one. Every day is different but first coffee.


How do I take your caffeine?

Coffee one cup. 


What do I like mostly about insurance? 

Talking to the clients


For stress relief:

A beer every now and then.


Not everyone knows:

I had a tubal pregnancy after my last son which was three years after his birth. They were twins one in 8 million chances of this happening. They did not survive.


Your passion in life:

Being with my children and grandchildren. Doing everything I haven't done in the last 40 years of being in the restaurant industry.


If I could be anything at all, what would it?

A comedian. I am a funny person most of the time.

I am addicted to: Seashells.

Something I would like to learn:

More of what I am doing now for Stern Insurance Agency.

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