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Lisa Bickmore

Job Title:      Life and Property & Casualty

                        LUTCF, CLTC, AFIS



Phone:           814.643.4410  -  Ext. 502


What is your morning routine like?

I have coffee, read, and exercise. 


How do you take your caffeine?

2 Tbs Half & Half


What do you like the most about being in the insurance industry?

It extremely rewarding to help people.  And I get to meet so many amazing people!


For stress relief you:

I’m practicing stepping away from the situation and clearing my head. Also, I read.


Not everyone knows I:

Was born in Ohio. I will publish a novel.


Your passions in life:

Time with my husband & family. Travel.  Audio books.


If you could do anything at all, what would it be?

Travel the world for a living.


I am addicted to:

Audio Books


Something you would like to learn:

A new language

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